Refreshing autumn wardrobe tips for scarves

Refreshing autumn wardrobe tips for scarves

Refreshing autumn wardrobe tips for scarves and handbags

As you bid goodbye to summer, use the last days of the season to invest in key wardrobe pieces that will refresh your autumn wardrobe. Accessories such as scarves are must-haves when you want to adjust your look for those chilly early mornings and late nights out. Here are some of our top autumn wardrobe tips.

Wearing a scarf in autumn

A scarf is frequently used to showcase style or complement patterns and colours. The basic rule of wearing a scarf is to ensure that you coordinate the colours; you can mix solids, patterns and neutral colours. Colours must match other outfit pieces, such as your fashion jewellery, in particular earrings, to achieve the desired look.

When styling your scarf, some of the best pieces of outerwear to pair it with include leather jackets, blazers, coats or capes. For a casual look, team scarves with a sweater and a pair of basic jeans. For warmer days, you can tie the scarf around your handbag to enjoy the warm breeze through your neck, and make a fashion statement too!

Wardrobe tips for handbags

The thought of packing away your cute summer bags might be a bit depressing, but there are some hot new handbag trends to transform your autumn wardrobe. Some top trends to add to your wardrobe include utility bags, vintage-inspired shapes, geometric shapes and bright colours.

To ooze style when wearing a handbag, ensure that it’s comfortable to carry, not too heavy and gives you easy access to the pockets. Consider colour combination because the handbag summarises your entire outfit.

Choosing the best scarves and handbags

For many women, it’s a big challenge to buy handbags that are stylish and comfortable. Here is how:

• Consider the space available for carrying your essentials.
• Decide whether you want a bag with top handles or a body strap.
• Check whether the zipper runs smoothly to avoid losing your belongings.
• Choose real or artificial leather for a sophisticated look.

To get the best scarves, for your outfits this autumn, you should;

  • Get one that will complement your outfit, hair colour and skin tone.
  • Buy printed scarves to brighten up outfits, particularly for a professional look.
  •  Consider the texture and fabric of the scarf; wear cotton or wool when it’s cold and linen or chiffon when it’s warmer.

Apart from learning how to wear these accessories, it is just as important to learn how to store them. Before each season ends, take note of what you have in your wardrobe so that you can plan for required updates.

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